Larry Carito

Founder and Lead Investigator

Larry Carito

Growing up in New York City, and coming from a family of police officers, I aspired to be a law enforcement officer for one of the busiest cities in the United States. After attending the NYC Police Academy, I was able to join their law enforcement ranks in 1994.  I made a full career out of Law Enforcement and retired in 2015.

During my LEO career, I was assigned to one of the toughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and did patrol in uniform as well as plain clothes for 9 years of my before being appointed to the Detective bureau. As I worked my field, I took pride in my work and treated everyone with the respect that I would want my loved ones treated. I worked thousands of cases which included homicide, robbery, burglary, and assault. I testified across a hundred more.

In 2015, I moved to AZ and have since decided to make it my home. Shortly after my move, I decided to open a Private Investigations agency to continue my service to the community. As a Private Investigator, I care about my clients lives, their intentions, and best interests. I am upfront and honest with what I believe can be done. I will not take your money to try and figure something out that I know I cannot.

I am a member of WAD (World Association of Detectives), ACBI (Association of Certified Background Investigators), and AALPI (AZ Associations of Licensed Private Investigators).

Finest Investigations prides itself with its firm’s many accomplishments which have led to uncovering and resolving numerous cases of employee malfeasance in the workplace – theft, drug and alcohol abuse, fraud, embezzlement, workplace violence and sexual harassment issues.

We have also helped hundreds of clients find evidence of child custody mistreatment, infidelity and cheating spouse issues, and hidden assets through background investigations – these cases returned hidden monies, properties, and vehicles.

We routinely conduct Database searches to locate missing persons. When needed, Polygraph examinations are performed to confirm statements.

At Finest Investigations, our team is proud of our accomplishments and are committed to staying at the forefront of the investigative industry by hiring only the best, participating in continued training educational seminars and sharing its knowledge and expertise with others.

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Our mission is to provide every Client with timely, discreet, professional Private Investigative Services conducted with the highest ethical and moral standards.

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