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I have been in the legal industry for over 15 years and have worked with investigators or over 10 years now. I’ve never found an Investigative agency to be as reliable, prompt, ethical and creative as Larry. It is a relief to work with a company that has earned my trust with regard to the quality of the work as well as with regard to the reasonable pricing.

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Finest Investigations works with a variety of legal and corporate entities across Arizona in helping them  find the information they desire. Our legal investigative services assist your team in continuing to win court cases. Our investigators also work with companies in finding answers and solutions when policies and procedures are breached by internal or external sources.

Legal & Corporate Investigations

Sexual harassment – The utmost discretion is utilized in conjunction with our services relating to sexual harassment complaints and incidents which include witness, victim, and accused statements.  Both male and/or female investigators can be utilized at the client’s or victim’s request.
Theft of company property – Loss of inventory or property can result in a loss of profitability no matter the size of the business.  Let us help attempt to identify the perpetrator, locate and recovery the assets, and allow your business to return to its day to day operations.
Drug and Alcohol abuse – Intoxicated individuals and the workplace rarely mix.  Utilizing video surveillance and undercover operations, our Investigators can assist in identifying Drug and Alcohol abuse and assist in creating a safer and more productive workplace.
Fraud and Embezzlement – From pennies at a time over years, or a thousands of dollars in one fraudulent transaction, Fraud and Embezzlement can result in decreased profit margins, and at worst can bankrupt a company.  We can assist in combating these crimes and help ensure your business is successful for years to come.
Witness Locates – Tracking down a witness to a crime, or to an accident can make the difference between a victory in court or a heavy loss – financially and emotionally. Our team of investigators can track down your witnesses across the United States.
Witness Interviews – So we tracked down your witness, and now you need to know what they know? Our Investigators are trained in collecting the information you need. We can interview your witnesses to make sure they are going to be beneficial for your case.
Bilingual Interviews – In order to help keep your subjects at ease during interviews, we offer Bilingual Investigators. Our licensed Private Investigators are able to offer statements in Spanish so your subjects are able to provide their statements in their native language.
Surveillance Services – Our team is equipped with the latest investigative tools and surveillance equipment to ensure you get the absolute best video for your case.

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Our mission is to provide every Client with timely, discreet, professional Private Investigative Services conducted with the highest ethical and moral standards.

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